Professor Dame Marilyn Strathern

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      • Country: UK
      • Region: Cambridge
      • Studies: Emeritus Professor of Social Anthropology
      • University: University of Cambridge
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    Dame Marilyn is pre-eminent as a Social Anthropologist and as a servant of academic institutions and public bodies in the UK. She has been described as ‘contemporary anthropology’s sharpest and most original mind’. Her wide international acclaim is founded on her extensive field research that began almost 50 years ago in Papua New Guinea in Melanesia on, among other topics, issues of gender and exchange. In the UK, she has focused her studies on kinship, reproductive technologies, biomedical ethics, audit culture and on cross-cultural concepts of intellectual property. While her ethnographic focus is divided between the Pacific and the UK and Europe, her theoretical interests comprise a body of ideas that challenge a number of the most fundamental concepts in popular and analytical discourse: for example, the concepts of individual and society, of the person, and of the social relation, the method of comparison, and the notions of nature and culture, male and female.

    Dame Marilyn has been awarded honours and distinctions from institutions of higher learning across the world. She has delivered prestigious public lectures in an astonishing range of universities. Alongside this glittering international renown, she remains committed to the people of Papua New Guinea, and is proud to have been recognised by the country’s university; to have been awarded a medal to mark the country’s 30th Anniversary of Independence; and to have represented it at the inauguration of the newly named ‘Commonwealth of Nations’.